Compatible Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges 3 Pack(C/M/Y)

C/M/Y (per color) 200 Pages

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About Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges 3 Pack

Bundle up and enjoy significant savings with our Brother LC401 ink cartridges 3 pack!

Linford Office presents Brother LC-401 ink cartridges that mirror genuine quality and satisfaction. Our value pack is a cost-effective alternative to the original Brother cartridges!

MAXIMUM DISCOUNTS: Get even more savings with our value pack! Order our Brother LC-401 ink cartridges 3-pack, inclusive of 1 x cyan Brother LC401C, 1 x magenta Brother LC401M, and 1 x yellow Brother LC401Y ink cartridges.

OEM PERFORMANCE: Proven and tested to function like the OEM cartridge, boasting a shelf-life of at least 24 months. Linford Office's Brother ink cartridges are professionally engineered to match the original, ensuring seamless installation and exceptional print quality.

UNBEATABLE PRICES: Our Brother LC401 ink cartridges 3-pack offers the same print capacity as original Brother cartridges but at a more budget-friendly price without compromising on quality. Get the best value for your money.

MORE PRINTS, LESS SPENDING: If you're a frequent printer, our affordable high-yield cartridges are perfect for you! Explore our cyan Brother LC401C, magenta Brother LC401M, and yellow Brother LC401Y ink cartridges.

EXPRESS SHIPPING: Orders for Brother LC-401 ink cartridges placed before 2:00 p.m. PST ship out the same business day. Visit our Shipping Policy for further details.

FREE SHIPPING: Enjoy complimentary shipping on orders over $30 anywhere in the US!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:  We offer a FULL refund within 30 days from your Linford Office product's delivery date, which demonstrates our confidence in the quality of our compatible Brother printer ink cartridges. Refer to our Return Policy for comprehensive information.

NO PRINTER WARRANTY VOID: Using our replacement, compatible, or remanufactured printer cartridges will never void your printer warranty. For more information, consult our Ink Knowledge Base page or reach out to us with any queries.

Select your printer from the compatible printer list below. Don't miss out on our amazing prices for the Brother LC401 ink cartridges 3-pack. SAVE Now!

Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges 3 Pack Compatible Printers

Brother MFC-J1010DW Printer Brother MFC-J1012DW Printer
Brother MFC-J1170DW Printer

Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges 3 Pack Specifications

OEM Number LC401M, LC401Y, LC401C
Product Type INK
Cartridge Yield Type High Yield
Estimated page yield/Cartridge: 200 (at 5% coverage)
Cost Per Page 3.33 cents
Shelf Life 18-24 Months
Ink Color Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Printer Brand Brother
Ink Brand Starink
Package Includes: 1 x Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges 3 Pack Set

Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges 3 Pack FAQs

How to Install Brother LC401 Ink Cartridges?

1, Open the Printer Cover:
Lift the printer cover to access the cartridge area.

2, Wait for Cartridge Holder:
Wait for the cartridge holder to move to the center.

3, Unpack the New Cartridges:
Take the new LC401 ink cartridges out of their packaging.

4, Remove Protective Tape:
Peel off the protective tape from each cartridge.

5, Install the Cartridges:
Insert the cartridges into their respective color slots.

6, Push Until Click:
Gently push down until each cartridge clicks into place.

7, Close Printer Cover:
Lower the printer cover to complete the installation.

8, Print a Test Page:
Print a test page to ensure proper installation and ink flow.

Can I use generic ink in Brother printer?

Absolutely, you have the option to utilize Linford's generic, compatible, replacement, or remanufactured ink cartridges. These cartridges are crafted to meet or even surpass the OEM specifications from Brother. This guarantees that you can achieve identical print quality and page yields without the need to spend as much as you would with original Brother ink cartridges. Additionally, employing these generic ink cartridges will not invalidate your printer's warranty. Feel confident in purchasing and utilizing our ink cartridges without any concerns. 

Why do Brother printers run out of ink so fast?

The ink consumption of your printer typically varies based on the print density. When printing documents or photos with high printing density, your printer will utilize a greater amount of ink than usual. Additionally, it's crucial to keep in mind that your printer will use ink during automatic printhead cleaning processes.

Is LC401 and LC401XL the same?

They are compatible with the same Brother printer models, but the LC401XL produces 2.5 times more pages than the LC401. The "XL" designation typically indicates a high-yield cartridge, which means it has a higher ink capacity and can print more pages compared to the standard version (LC401). The XL version is often more cost-effective as it provides a lower cost per page.

What is the difference between LC401XL ink cartridge and LC401 ink cartridge?

  1. LC401 Ink Cartridge: This is the standard yield cartridge, containing a standard amount of ink. It will print a certain number of pages based on the standard yield for that particular cartridge.

  2. LC401XL Ink Cartridge (High Yield): The "XL" stands for extra-large or high yield. These cartridges have a higher ink capacity compared to the standard version (LC401), allowing them to print significantly more pages before needing replacement. Generally, the XL cartridges are more cost-effective on a per-page basis, though they might have a higher upfront cost.

In summary, the primary difference is the amount of ink each cartridge holds and the number of pages they can print. The XL variant can print more pages than the standard version, making it a better choice for those who print frequently and in larger volumes.

Why is Brother LC401 black ink out of stock everywhere?

As the world's largest distributor of general consumables, Linford will ensure adequate inventory of LC401, so please place your order with confidence.

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