Compatible Epson 542 Ink Bottles 4-Pack, 1 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow - Faslvink

BK 7,500 Pages C/M/Y 6,000 Pages

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Linford Epson ecotank 542 ink bottles ecotank 100% Compatibility for Epson ET-5800, Epson ET-5850, Epson ET-5880, Epson ET-16600, Epson ET-16650, Epson ST-C8000 Printer. Compatible Epson 542 ink refill bottles ecotank great saving without compromising quality. Simple to refill and don't have to run to the store, work the same as the original, saves your time and money.

About Epson 542 Compatible Ink Pack of 4

Epson 542 Ink Bottles Compatible Printers:

Epson Ecotank
Epson Ecotank Pro ET-5800 Epson Ecotank Pro ET-5850
Epson Ecotank Pro ET-16600 Epson Ecotank Pro ET-16650
Epson Ecotank Pro ET-5880
Epson WorkForce ST-C8000

Epson 542 Ink Bottles Compatible Printers:

Epson Ink 542 Print clearly, and smoothly

Print clearly, and smoothly

542 Epson Ink Specifications

OEM Number: T542120, T542220, T542320, T542420
Ink Volume:
Black 140 ml/Bottle, CMY 70 ml/Bottle
Page Yield: Black 7,000 pages/Bottle, C/M/Y 6,500 pages/Bottle
Cost Per Page: 0.13 Cents
Ink Type: Pigment
Product Capacity Ultra High
Shelf Life: 18-24 Months
Ink Color: Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Printer Brand: Epson
Ink Brand: Faslvink
Contain: 1x Epson 542 Ink 4-Pack Set

HP 64XL Combo Pack FAQs

Is Epson 542 ink pigment or dye?

The Epson 542 ink is a type of pigment ink.

What kind of ink is Epson 542 ink?

The Epson 542 ink is All-pigment ink.

How many pages does Epson 542 ink print?

7,000 pages per Epson 542 Black ink Bottle, 6,500 pages per Epson 542 Color ink Bottle

Is the Epson EcoTank worth it?

The answer is - it depends. If you print frequently, then the EcoTank may be perfect for you. Otherwise, if you print infrequently and use the EcoTank, there may be a lot of dry ink in the nozzles and cartridges that you will have to clean out frequently.

What printers use 542 ink?

Epson ET-5800, Epson ET-5850, Epson ET-5880, Epson ET-16600, Epson ET-16650, Epson ST-C8000 Printer.

Difference between Epson 502 and 542 ink?


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    sambalado erneld
    Lot Of Prints

    You get a lot of prints from these bottles. They are so much more convenient than the cartridges. They are easy to refill with. I am so glad I switch to the Epson EcoTank. These inks look just the the ink that came with my printer. They also include disposable gloves to use when refilling the ink into your printer so you don't get any ink on your hands.

    High quality inks

    I used to have to change my ink cartridges all the time, and it was so annoying. But now, with this refill ink, I don't have to worry about it for long time. The 542 Black bottle gives you up to 7500 pages! And the 542 Color bottle with up to 6000 pages. These 542 ink bottles work great with printers. When I first started using it, I was kind of skeptical. I mean, I knew it was affordable, but I didn't want to compromise on the quality of my prints. But let me tell you, this ink surprised me. It prints so clearly and smoothly. I haven't noticed any difference in quality compared to the originals. It's like getting the best of both worlds – high-quality prints and affordable prices.The best part, for me, is how cost-efficient this ink is. Just refill and keep printing. It's as simple as that. High-quality printing. Highly recommended to give it a try.

    Good quality ink that works well with our Epson printer

    Epson T542 and T502 are both ink bottles for Epson EcoTank printers, and both state having a yield of about 7500 pages. The difference is the T542 ink is pigment-based, and the T502 is dye-based. In general, pigment-based inks produce sharp and long-lasting prints, while dye based are better at vibrant and vivid prints. In my photo this ink is on the top, and some partially filled T502’s are on bottom for comparison. Epson Ecotank documentation indicates one type over the other based on that specific printer’s designed function. In my tests at home with an Epson ET-4760 that came with T502 ink, this T542 ink performs as well on basic quality prints. The official ink cartridges have a plastic locking mechanism so that only the correct color of ink can be used to fill the corresponding printer ink well. This refill does not seem to employ that particular handicap, thankfully, and I had no trouble filling my printer simply by gently pressing the rubber bottle seal over the inkwell fill pin. The caps are good quality and no leakage occurred.