Remanufactured HP 96 97 Ink Cartridge Black & Tri-Color Combo Pack

BK 860 Pages C/M/Y Tri-color 560 Pages

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    Reman HP 96 97 Ink Combo Pack of 2, Bundle up and save a lot more with linford 3-pack of HP 96 97 ink combo pack cartridges


    What you get:

    96 97 ink cartridges black color combo pack for HP 96/97


    Compatible Printer Models:

    HP PhotoSmart 2710, HP PhotoSmart 2610xi, HP OfficeJet 7310xi, HP OfficeJet 7410xi, HP PhotoSmart 2710xi, HP PhotoSmart 2610v, HP PhotoSmart 8053, HP PhotoSmart 8050, HP DeskJet 6840, HP OfficeJet 7210v, HP DeskJet 6520, HP PhotoSmart 8450xi, HP DeskJet 6520xi, HP PhotoSmart 8450, HP PhotoSmart 2608, HP PhotoSmart 8150v, HP OfficeJet 7310, HP DeskJet 5740, HP DeskJet 6830, HP DeskJet 6540dt, HP DeskJet 5745, HP DeskJet 5940, HP DeskJet 5743, HP DeskJet 5748, HP DeskJet 9800d, HP PhotoSmart 2610, HP PhotoSmart 2613, HP Deskjet 5940xi, HP Deskjet 6830v, HP PhotoSmart 8150xi, HP PhotoSmart 8030, HP DeskJet 6540, HP DeskJet 6980, HP PhotoSmart 8150, HP DeskJet 6940, HP Deskjet 6840xi, HP DeskJet 6620, HP PhotoSmart 8753, HP DeskJet 6988, HP PhotoSmart 8038, HP DeskJet 6548, HP PhotoSmart 8750, HP DeskJet 6540xi, HP DeskJet 5740xi, HP OfficeJet 7408, HP OfficeJet 7210, HP Deskjet 6620xi, HP OfficeJet 7410, HP DeskJet 9800, HP DeskJet 6940dt, HP Deskjet 6840dt, HP OfficeJet 7210xi, HP DeskJet 6980dt, HP PhotoSmart 8049, HP PhotoSmart 8750gp, HP PhotoSmart 8400, HP DeskJet 6988dt


    High Yield:

    96 Black ink cartridge reaches 860 pages (at 5% coverage)

    97 Color ink cartridge reaches 560 pages (at 5% coverage)



    Replacement of HP 96 Black 97 Color ink cartridges are equipped with the latest chips to ensure compatibility, making your printer recognize easily and print stably

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