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To cancel your HP Instant Ink subscription, you have several options:

1. Through the HP Website

  • Access the HP Instant Ink Website: Go to HP Instant Ink website.
  • Sign In: Log into your account and select the "Manage Plan" tab.
  • Cancel Plan: Click on "Cancel Plan" and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process​.

2. By Phone

  • Call HP Customer Support Number: Dial 1800 180 1810 to contact HP customer support.
  • Provide Account Details: Give the customer service representative your HP Instant Ink account number.
  • Follow Instructions: Request account cancellation and follow any additional instructions given by the representative to complete the process​.

3. Directly From Your Account

  • Sign Into Your Account: Depending on whether you have a Home/Office or Business account, sign in at HP Instant Ink account for Home/Office or HP Instant Ink for Business account for business.
  • Verify Printer Details: Once logged in, select "Overview", then "Printer Details" in the Status area.
  • Navigate to Plan Update: Click on "HP Instant Ink", then "Update Plan" in the left menu.
  • Cancel Subscription: Scroll to "Plan Details", click on "Cancel my HP Instant Ink Subscription", and follow the prompts.
  • Email Confirmation: You will receive an immediate email confirmation, and another one at the end of the billing cycle​.

Keep in mind that if you cancel, you can continue using Instant Ink supplies until the end of the current billing cycle. After this, you'll need to remove Instant Ink cartridges and use regular HP ink or toner cartridges. Your final charge will also be applied at the end of this billing cycle.

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Linford Subscribe Ink Plan

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