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The Brother MFC-J4335DW functions as a versatile all-in-one color inkjet printer. It employs a four-cartridge system and is fully compatible with Brother's LC406 ink cartridges. Its connectivity options encompass both USB and Wi-Fi, enabling seamless interactions. Furthermore, it offers support for Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service, bolstering its compatibility. The printer is also integrated with Brother's MobileConnect smartphone app, enhancing its user-friendliness.


For scanning capabilities, it features both an 8.5" x 11" flatbed and a convenient automatic feeder. However, it's worth noting that duplex scanning is not supported.

For Family

The Brother MFC-J4335DW proves to be an excellent choice for household usage, offering an impressive cost-per-print ratio and an exceptional mobile companion app. Its scanning capabilities are highly commendable, simplifying the conversion of vintage photographs or the handling of multi-page documents. While printed photos exhibit a satisfactory appearance, there is a noticeable presence of grain. This aspect, however, remains suitable for everyday purposes. It's worth noting that deep blacks and blues may exhibit slight variations from the originals, which should be acceptable for the majority of non-professional color printing needs.

Demonstrates a robust build quality, featuring convenient access for addressing paper jams.

Boasts high page yields, contributing to a cost-effective per-print expenditure.

Incorporates an automatic document feeder for added convenience.

Delivers highly detailed photo output with remarkable clarity.

Generates sharp and crisp document prints.


Limited color range and unsatisfactory color accuracy.

Photo quality tends to be grainy.

Occurrence of vertical bands when printing photos on 4" x 6" paper.

Relatively small input tray size.


For Small/Home Office

The Brother MFC-J4335DW proves to be an ideal choice for small-scale enterprises or home offices. Its remarkable page yields work effectively to reduce the frequency of cartridge changes. Additionally, its rapid warm-up ensures swift single-page outputs, accompanied by impressive printing speed. The convenience of accessing paper jams from both the rear and under the flatbed scan glass adds to its user-friendly design. Regrettably, despite featuring an automatic document feeder, it lacks the capability to perform duplex scanning.


Impressive construction quality, coupled with user-friendly paper jam access.

Generates abundant pages with economical printing costs.

Features an automated document feeder for enhanced convenience.

Exhibits exceptional precision in photo reproduction.

Yields sharp and immaculate document outputs.


Limited color spectrum and average color precision.

Photos tend to appear grainy.

Vertical bands may emerge when printing photos on 4" x 6" paper.

Input tray has a relatively small capacity.

For Student 



Boasts a sturdy and well-crafted build, along with convenient paper jam access.

Delivers abundant page yields with economical printing expenses.

Exhibits swift document printing capabilities.

Features an automated document feeder for added convenience.

Generates documents with impressive sharpness.


Limited by a small input tray.


For Black & White Printing

The Brother MFC-J4335DW excels in black-and-white printing, showcasing remarkable black page yields at an impressive cost-per-print ratio. It seamlessly accommodates high-yield XL cartridges. This printer exhibits rapid delivery of single pages and maintains a commendable speed for longer document printing. The design ensures convenient access to address potential paper jams. While it offers an automatic document feeder, it regrettably lacks the ability to perform duplex scanning.


Boasts a robust construction and provides effortless access to paper jams.

Yields a high number of pages while maintaining a low cost-per-print.

Exhibits exceptional detail in photo reproduction.


Exhibits a limited color range and mediocre color accuracy.

May produce grainy photos.

Might experience vertical bands when printing photos on 4" x 6" paper.


For Photo

Displays a constrained color spectrum and mediocre color precision.

Has the potential to generate grainy photos.

May encounter vertical bands when printing photos on 4" x 6" paper.


Exhibits robust construction and provides convenient paper jam access.

Yields a substantial number of pages while maintaining a low cost-per-print.

Excels in producing highly detailed photos.


Demonstrates a limited color range and average color accuracy.

May result in grainy photo outputs.

Can potentially produce vertical bands when printing photos on 4" x 6" paper.


Compared To Other Printers

The Brother MFC-J4335DW is among the top all-in-one inkjet options tailored for home use. It offers an impressive print yield, coupled with economical maintenance costs, and delivers superior document quality. When it comes to photo printing, it excels in capturing intricate details; however, it's worth noting that several printers within its category provide a more extensive color range and improved color accuracy.

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