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Learn how to install HP 67 ink cartridges in your HP printer.

Discover the effortless steps to install HP 67 ink cartridges in your HP printer, optimizing your printing experience for both personal and professional use. HP 67 ink cartridges are designed to produce sharp black text and vivid color prints while ensuring great value for your investment. Let's guide you through the installation process and share cost-effective tips to make the most of your ink!

HP 67 Ink Cartridges at a Glance Replacement

The HP 67 cartridge series includes two essential cartridges: black and tri-color. Available in standard and high-yield (XL) sizes, these cartridges offer optimal performance for various printing needs. The black cartridge utilizes pigment-based ink, providing quick drying and resistance to fading. Conversely, the tri-color cartridge combines cyan, magenta, and yellow dye-based inks, resulting in captivating photo prints.

What printers does HP 67 work with?

HP 67 ink cartridges are compatible with a wide range of HP printers, such as HP HP DeskJet 1255
HP DeskJet 2300
HP DeskJet 2722
HP DeskJet 2723
HP DeskJet 2724
HP DeskJet 2725
HP DeskJet 2755
HP DeskJet Plus 4122
HP DeskJet Plus 4123
HP DeskJet Plus 4132
HP DeskJet Plus 4140
HP DeskJet Plus 4152
HP DeskJet Plus 4155
HP ENVY 6030
HP ENVY 6032
HP ENVY 6034
HP ENVY 6052
HP ENVY 6055
HP ENVY 6058
HP ENVY 6075
HP ENVY Pro 6430
HP ENVY Pro 6452
HP ENVY Pro 6455
HP ENVY Pro 6458
HP ENVY Pro 6464
HP ENVY Pro 6475 

Making them ideal for your specific printing requirements.

How Many Pages Does HP 67 Print

Understanding the page yield of HP 67 ink cartridges is vital for managing printing costs efficiently.

The HP 67 standard yield black cartridge prints approximately 120 pages.

The HP 67 standard yield tri-color cartridge prints around 100 pages.

The Linford Compatible HP 67 high-yield XL cartridges to increase productivity—the Linford Compatible  HP 67XL black cartridge can print up to 650 pages.

The Linford Compatible HP 67XL tri-color cartridge yields approximately 450 pages.

Please note that the specified page yield for the cartridges is an approximation based on a 5% page coverage, meaning if 5% of the page is covered with ink. If your printing requirements entail utilizing 5% of the page, you'll achieve the advertised full-page yield. However, if you print on half to full pages, utilize full color, or print photos, anticipate a reduction in the page count accordingly. 

What is the difference between 67 and 67XL?

When choosing between standard yield and high-yield cartridges, consider the ink quantity and cost-effectiveness. Although the standard yield cartridges have a lower initial cost, the cost per page with high-yield cartridges is significantly lower. For instance, the HP 67XL high yield black cartridge costs around 3.8 cents per page, making it a more economical choice compared to the 3.8 cents per page with the standard yield version. The 67 standard yield retails for $17.81* and prints up to 120 pages.  The compatible 67XL version goes for $24.99 and prints up to 650 pages.  To calculate cost per page, just divide the price by the number of pages.

How to Install HP 67 Ink Cartridges?

How to Install HP 67 Ink Cartridges?
  1. Prepare the Cartridge:

    • Remove the new cartridge from its packaging and properly dispose of any plastic wrap.
    • Peel off the yellow tape to expose the vent hole, allowing seamless printer functionality.
    • Handle the cartridge carefully, avoiding contact with the gold contact points. Use a lint-free cloth for cleaning if necessary.
  2. Insert the Cartridge:

    • Open the printer's top cover and patiently wait for the cartridge slot to center.
    • Lift the latch securing the old cartridge and gently remove it from its slot.
    • Carefully slide the new cartridge into the empty slot and secure it with the latch.
  3. Complete the Installation:

    • Close the top cover and wait for the printer to initialize.
    • Once initialized, your printer is ready for optimal printing performance.

Budget-Friendly Ink Solutions

To save on ink costs without compromising quality, explore our Linford-Brand remanufactured HP 67 black and tri-color ink cartridges. Backed by an industry-leading lifetime guarantee, our remanufactured ink cartridges offer exceptional print quality at a fraction of the name brand price. For frequent printing needs, consider our compatible ink cartridges, delivering 3X more ink at a remarkably low price, specifically designed for printers using HP 67 / 67XL ink cartridges.

Visit today to discover unbeatable prices on HP 67 / 67XL ink cartridges and a wide selection of popular printer cartridges! Enhance your printing experience while saving on costs.

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