67XL Remanufactured HP Tri-Color Ink Cartridges 1-Pack

C/M/Y Tri-color 450 Pages

Bundle: HP 67XL 1 Pack
  • Remanufactured HP 67XL Ink Cartridges 4 Pack (2 Black, 2Tri-Color) - Linford Office:Printer Ink & Toner Cartridge
  • LEMERO 67XL Ink Cartridges Combo Pack Remanufactured for HP Printer (1 Black, 1 Tri-Color) - Linford Office:Printer Ink & Toner Cartridge
  • Remanufactured HP 67XL Black Ink Cartridges 2-Pack - Linford Office:Printer Ink & Toner Cartridge
  • 67XL Remanufactured HP Tri-Color Ink Cartridges 1-Pack - Linford Office:Printer Ink & Toner Cartridge
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Remanufactured HP 67XL Tri-Color ink cartridges for DeskJet 2755, 2722 Plus 4155, 4155e, 4152 Envy Pro 6055, 6455, 6455e, 6420 printer and more!

HP 67 XL Compatible Printers:

HP DeskJet
HP DeskJet 1255 HP DeskJet 2300
HP DeskJet 2722 HP DeskJet 2723
HP DeskJet 2724 HP DeskJet 2725
HP DeskJet 2755 HP DeskJet Plus 4122
HP DeskJet Plus 4123 HP DeskJet Plus 4132
HP DeskJet Plus 4140 HP DeskJet Plus 4152
HP DeskJet Plus 4155
HP Envy
HP ENVY 6030 HP ENVY 6032
HP ENVY 6034 HP ENVY 6052
HP ENVY 6055 HP ENVY 6058
HP ENVY 6075 HP ENVY Pro 6455
HP ENVY Pro 6430 HP ENVY Pro 6452
HP ENVY Pro 6458 HP ENVY Pro 6464
HP ENVY Pro 6475

Save with Compatible Ink

Elevate your printing experience with the unbeatable print quality of Linford Office compatible HP 67XL ink cartridges. Our cartridges not only promise superior performance but also exceptional value, ensuring each print consistently meets your expectations, whether it's for home use or in an office setting. Count on us for reliable and high-quality printing solutions.

Color: Tri-Color High-Yield Capacity
100% Compatibility Great Print Quality
Easy Installation 2-Year Guarantee

Enhanced with Intelligent Chips

Our ink cartridges are equipped with a cutting-edge smart chip, facilitating effortless integration with your printer. This chip ensures easy installation and provides the convenience of monitoring ink levels, alleviating concerns about running out of ink during important print tasks.

Customized for Your Printing Device

With expertise in ink technology, we recognize the paramount importance of seamless printer performance. That's precisely why our compatible HP 67XL cartridges are meticulously crafted to suit your printer, ensuring a precise fit and seamless operation. Through rigorous testing, we uphold stringent quality standards, delivering cartridges that match the performance and page yield of the original brand each time you print.

High Quality Prints

Packed with top-tier ink, every cartridge is meticulously engineered to generate vivid colors and exceptional details. Whether it's essential documents, photographs, or presentations, we simplify the process, enabling you to attain polished, professional prints consistently, page after page.

2-Year Guarantee

Print with confidence. Our 2-year guarantee encompasses all compatible printer cartridges, ensuring satisfaction from your initial print to the very last. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations and delivering an exceptional printing experience. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your ink, we're committed to making it right and ensuring your contentment.


The premium Linford remanufactured 3YM58AN (HP 67XL) high yield inkjet cartridge is an original OEM HP 3YM58AN cartridge that has been expertly remanufactured by Linford following a single usage cycle. Our meticulous process involves disassembly, thorough inspection for potential issues like leakage, comprehensive cleaning including printhead nozzles, and replacement of any worn components. We then replenish the cartridge with a fresh supply of ink, conduct rigorous testing for performance, print quality, and page yield, and finally reseal it. Rest assured, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures you of outstanding print results when you opt for our remanufactured 3YM58AN.

Remanufactured using a blend of both OEM and high-quality non-OEM parts, our cartridges exemplify a commitment to quality and performance.


Product Type: Ink Cartridge
OEM Number: 3YM58AN
Page Yield: 450 (At 5% coverage)
Cost Per Page: 5.56 cents
Shelf Life: 18-24 Months
Brand Name: Linford
Printer Brand: HP
Contents: 1x Tri-Color 67XXL ink cartridge

HP 67XL Color Ink Cartridge FAQs

Is HP 67 ink the same as 67XL?

The HP 67 is designed as the standard yield option, containing a lower ink volume. The black ink cartridge of HP 67 typically prints around 120 pages, and the tri-color variant produces approximately 100 pages. On the other hand, the HP 67XL serves as the high yield alternative. Its black cartridge can print approximately 240 pages, while the color version is also capable of printing up to 240 pages.

How long does HP 67 ink last?

The HP 67 standard yield black cartridge prints approximately 120 pages. The HP 67 standard yield tri-color cartridge prints approximately 100 pages. The HP 67XL black cartridge prints approximately 240 pages. The Linford Compatible HP 67XXL high yield Tri-Color cartridge prints approximately 450 pages.

Why is HP ink so expensive?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ink and toner suppliers argue that the elevated prices of toner cartridges stem from extensive research and advanced technologies aimed at delivering top-tier ink and toner quality. However, it's crucial to highlight that generic cartridges, despite being more affordable, often surpass OEM prerequisites. Linford range of compatible and substitute ink and toner cartridges is meticulously crafted to either meet or surpass the set OEM benchmarks. This means you can achieve identical print quality and page yield without breaking the bank. It's important to emphasize that opting for generic, remanufactured, or replacement cartridges does not invalidate your printer's warranty.

How to install HP 67XL ink cartridges?

The process of installing HP 67 and HP 67XL ink cartridges can vary based on your specific printer model. Different models might necessitate unique or specialized procedures. Therefore, we advise checking your printer model in the compatible printers section. If you need more detailed instructions, you can click on "How to install HP 67 Ink Cartridges?" for redirection to the appropriate page. It's important to note that these instructions represent a general procedure that typically applies to a wide range of printers.

HP 67 Color Ink Cartridge Replacement Tutorial

Warm Tip:

When the printer shows the "Used or refilled cartridges installed, please click the "OK" option and continue to use up to our published page output.

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