HP 414A Toner Cartridge 4 Pack Compatible W2020A (Black Cyan Magenta Yellow)

BK 2,400 Pages C/M/Y (per color) 2,100 Pages

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About HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack

Replacement HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack

Bundle up and save a lot more with our HP 414A toner cartridges 4 pack!

Linford offers affordable replacement HP 414A toner 4 pack cartridges that boast original quality and satisfaction. This cartridge perfectly works as the original HP cartridges without fail!

Want to enjoy even bigger savings? Purchase our value pack, like the HP LaserJet 414A toner combo pack of 4. Included are 1 x HP W2020A black toner cartridge, 1 x HP 414A cyan LaserJet toner cartridge, 1 x HP 414A yellow toner cartridge, and 1 x HP 414A magenta toner cartridge.

Print more and spend less

Do you print more often? If so, our cheap high-yield cartridges are perfect for you! Check our HP Black W2020X toner cartridgeHP 414X cyan toner cartridgeHP 414X yellow toner cartridge, and HP 414X magenta toner cartridge.

This toner cartridge already has the CHIP and is ready-to-use. There is no need to transfer the chip from the old toner to this new one.

myCartridge toner cartridge already has the CHIP and is ready-to-use.

How to install HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack?

How to install HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack?

HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack Compatible with the following printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dw HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdn
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M479dw

HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack Specifications

OEM Number: W2021A, W2022A, W2023A, W2020A
Cartridge Yield Type: High Yield
Page Yield: Bk 2,400 pages, CMY2,100 pages (based on 5% coverage)
Cost Per Page: 2.89 cents
Shelf Life: 18-24 Months
Ink Color: Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Printer Brand: HP
Ink Brand: myCartridge
Contain: 1x 414A Toner Cartridges Combo Pack

HP 414A Toner Cartridges 4 Pack FAQs

Can HP 414A be refilled?

Yes, authentic HP toner cartridges can be refilled. However, it's not recommended due to the necessity of replacing certain toner components. If you're contemplating refilling an empty toner cartridge, please consider the following advantages and disadvantages. The primary benefit of refilling is cost-effectiveness, offering a significantly cheaper option compared to purchasing a new genuine cartridge. Conversely, refilled toner cartridges may encounter issues with print quality and durability. Toner comprises various components such as rolling gears and cleaning blades, which wear out over time, potentially causing printing noise, subpar printouts, and even leaks within the printer. Another critical element is the imaging drum, responsible for holding the image before the toner powder is applied to the paper. Like toner, parts of the imaging drum also undergo wear and tear as time progresses.

In summary, we strongly recommend utilizing refilling services provided by stores. If you opt to buy a new cartridge, Linford offers an extensive range of affordable printer toner cartridges at a significantly lower price without compromising quality. Our toners are meticulously manufactured to meet or surpass OEM specifications, saving you the hassle of refilling a toner cartridge.

Is HP 414A and 414X the same?

The HP 414A standard-yield and HP 414X high-yield toner cartridges share the same size, fittings, and printer compatibility. Their main distinction lies in the page yield. The HP 414A standard-yield toner cartridges are capable of printing up to 2,400 pages for black and up to 2,100 pages for cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges at 5% page coverage. On the other hand, the high-yield HP 414X toner cartridges offer a significantly higher page yield, providing up to 7,500 pages for black and up to 6,000 pages for cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges at 5% page coverage.

What printer is 414A toner for?

HP 414A toner cartridges are compatible with HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn, M454dw, MFP M479dw, MFP M479fdn, and MFP M479fdw printers.

Is HP 410A compatible with 414A?

No, HP 410A and HP 414A are not compatible. They are different toner cartridge models designed for different printers. HP 410A is for certain models like the HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn and M452nw, while HP 414A is for other models like the HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn and M454dw.

How long does HP 414A toner last?

HP 414A toner cartridges can last varying durations based on usage and printing requirements. Generally, the page yield for HP 414A black toner is up to 2,400 pages, and for the color toner cartridges (cyan, magenta, and yellow), it's up to 2,100 pages per cartridge at 5% page coverage. The actual duration can vary based on the content you print and your specific printer's settings.

How many pages does HP 414A print?

The standard-yield HP 414A toner cartridges can print up to 2,400 pages for black and up to 2,100 pages for cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges at 5% page coverage.

What is the difference between 414X and 414A?

The main difference is page yield. HP 414X is high-yield, printing more pages (7,500 for black, 6,000 for color at 5% coverage) compared to HP 414A (2,400 for black, 2,100 for color at 5% coverage), making it cost-effective for higher printing volumes.

What is the page yield of HP 414A Toner Cartridges?

The page yield of HP 414A toner cartridges is up to 2,400 pages for black and up to 2,100 pages for cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges at 5% page coverage.

Is 414X compatible with 414A?

Yes, the HP 414X toner cartridges are compatible with printers that accept the standard-yield HP 414A cartridges. The 414X is the high-yield version, offering more page output while being compatible with the same printers as the 414A.


1, Due to HP 414A toner using the OEM chip, the computer will prompt 'Cartridge Low' when you print. please click 'Snooze ' and choose '2Month'to close the prompt. The cartridge will be used up until low image density.

2, Please turn off the automatic HP firmware updates to keep using the compatible cartridge, click here to read the tutorials.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
fast service great price

fast service great price

Carol M. Wehner
Great buy!!

Works perfect with Canon MF 424dw printer!

Exceeded expectations and saved me some Dough

After the sample OEM toner cartridge that came with the Laser printer ran out, I opted in for this non-OEM toner cartridge. I’ll admit that I tend to gravitate towards OEM, but I decided to give my pocketbook a break. For the price which was less than half and had twice the cartridge than the OEM, I figured I’ll take my chances. Turns out, it was a good decision. Toner works and prints just fine; mind you, my usage is mainly for printing letter Word docs. After a printing a double sided job a little over 100 pages, toner ink is still going strong.

Great ink replacement

Great ink replacement for price.

Exactly as it should

Works just as expected. Does its job as intended.