Compatible HP 972X Ink Cartridges High Yield Magenta PageWide, L0S01AN

Magenta 7,000 Pages

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About Compatible high yield ink cartridge replacement for HP 972X ink cartridges.

Unmatched Quality with Compatible HP 972X High Yield Magenta PageWide Cartridge – The Ultimate Printing Companion

Unlock the full potential of your PageWide printer with the premium Compatible HP 972X High Yield Magenta Ink Cartridge. Say goodbye to frequent cartridge changes and embrace the convenience of high yield printing that keeps pace with your busy life.

Print less? Try our HP 972X Set of 4, including 1 HP 972X high yield black ink, 1 HP 972X Cyan ink, 1 HP 972X Magenta ink, and 1 HP 972x Yellow ink

HP 972X Compatible Printers:

HP 972X Compatible Printers:

Linford Compatible HP 972X Ink Cartridges is Compatible, convenient, Quickly Recognized and Reliable.

Starink compatible replacement for HP 972X pagewide cartridges equipped with new upgraded chips, compatible with HP PageWide printer 2023 latest firmware.
Linford Compatible Ultimate HP 972X Ink Cartridges is Compatibility, Convenience, Quickly Recognized and Reliable

Why settle for less when you can have more?

  • More Prints: With the high yield capability, this HP 972X compatible cartridge delivers more pages than the standard 972A, letting you print without pause.
  • More Savings: Enjoy the same rich, vibrant magenta hues of the original HP 972X Pagewide cartridges at a fraction of the cost with our compatible options.
  • More Quality: Whether it's the HP 972X black ink or the striking magenta, our cartridges are meticulously tested to meet your highest expectations.

Compatibility and Convenience

  • Widely Compatible: Seamlessly integrates with your HP PageWide printer, including the models that typically use HP 972X black, cyan, and yellow cartridges.
  • Easy to Replace: The installation is as straightforward as the original HP 972X cartridge set, ensuring a stress-free replacement process.
  • Eco-Friendly: By choosing our compatible HP 972X ink cartridges, you’re contributing to a sustainable future, reducing waste without compromising on print quality.

Bold and Beautiful Prints

  • Stunning Magenta: Each stroke of HP 972X magenta ink stands out with professional clarity, from the first page to the last.
  • Crisp Documents and Radiant Photos: The quality of HP Pagewide 972X ink ensures that every print—be it a document or a colorful graphic—is impeccable.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Reliable Performance: Our compatible HP 972X high yield cartridges promise consistent performance, rivaling the HP 972X high yield black original PageWide cartridge in quality.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, our HP 972X refill cartridges provide peace of mind with every print.

Dive into the world of vibrant colors and sharp prints with our Compatible HP 972X High Yield Magenta PageWide Ink Cartridge. Your prints deserve the best, and with our HP 972X bundle, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

972X HP Ink Compatible Printers:

 HP PageWide
HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dw HP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw
HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dn HP PageWide Pro MFP 452dn
HP PageWide Pro MFP 452dw HP PageWide Pro MFP 552dw
HP PageWide Pro MFP 577z HP PageWide Managed P55250dw
HP PageWide Managed P55250dw HP PageWide Pro 400

HP 972X Ink Refill Specifications

Product Type: INK
OEM Number: L0S01AN
Colors: Magenta
Ink Type: Ink
Product Capacity: High Yield
Page Yields: 7,000
Cost Per Page: 0.71 cents
Number of Pieces: 1
Shelf Life: 18-24 months
Package Detail: 1 x Magenta Replacement HP 972X 972A, 1 Piece of Instructions.

HP 972X Refill FAQs

Is 972A the same as 972X?

The HP 972X is a high-yield version that prints more pages compared to the standard yield HP 972A. HP 972A and 972X cartridges are interchangeable in terms of compatibility with printers that are designed to use them. 

How many pages does HP 972X print?

The HP 972X High Yield Black Original PageWide Cartridge is rated to print up to 10,000 pages. The HP 972X High Yield Color cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) are each rated to print up to 7,000 pages

What HP printers use 972X ink?

HP 972X ink cartridges are used in various HP PageWide Pro printers. Some of the compatible models include:

HP PageWide Pro 477dw
HP PageWide Pro 577dw
HP PageWide Pro 577z
HP PageWide Pro 552dw
HP PageWide Pro 452dn
HP PageWide Pro 452dw
HP PageWide Pro 477dn
HP PageWide Managed P55250dw
HP PageWide Managed P57750dw

How many pages does a 972X Magenta ink print?

Up to 7,000 pages per Replacement HP 972 972X 972A Magenta ink at 5% coverage of A4 paper.

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