The DR-630 drum unit within a Brother MFC-L2720DW printer is an essential component that collaborates with the toner cartridge to transfer toner onto paper. Due to the repetitive printing process, the drum can experience wear over time and typically requires replacement after using 3 or 4 toner cartridges. If your Brother laser printer displays the "Replace Drum" message, it signals the need for a new drum. The printer utilizes a page counter to monitor usage, necessitating manual reset after each new toner cartridge installation. Replacement procedures differ by printer model, and specific instructions can be found in your printer's user guide, accessible on the Brother website. For the Brother MFC-L2720DW, we offer replacement and reset guidelines below. This printer works with Brother TN-660 toner cartridges and the DR-630 drum unit. Original brother DR630 drum up to $92.99, if you need a new drum, you can save over 76% by using a Linford  Lemero brand compatible DR-630 drum at $21.45 per unit.

How to replace the drum unit?

1. Prepare the Printer:
Turn on the printer and open the front cover. Wait for the printer to enter the ready mode.
2. Remove the Toner Cartridge:
Take out the toner cartridge by pulling it towards you.
3. Remove the Drum Unit:
Locate the drum unit. It is often situated below the toner cartridge. Press down the green lock lever and take out the drum unit.
4. Separate the Toner Cartridge from the Drum Unit:
To access the drum, detach the toner cartridge from the drum unit. Ensure you handle them carefully.
5. Install the New Drum Unit:
Unpack the new drum unit from its packaging.
Attach the toner cartridge to the new drum unit until it clicks into place.
6. Insert the Drum Unit:
Slide the new drum unit back into the printer. Ensure it clicks into place securely.
7. Replace the Toner Cartridge:
Insert the toner cartridge back into the drum unit, making sure it locks into position.

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How do you reset a drum counter on Brother MFC-L2720DW printer?

1. With the power on, close the front cover.
2. Press the "X" Clear or Back to interrupt any error.

3. Press "Settings" > Al Settings > Machine Info> Parts Life.
4. Press and hold # until the display (LCD) message changes.
5. Press "Drum" > Press "Yes" > Press "HOME"

How do you reset a drum counter? (Detailed illustration by picture)

How do you reset a drum counter on Brother MFC-L2720DW printer?
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